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Oh ma gerd. Making Rosemary skillet chicken. Its very hot in our apartment and I am about ready to shed my hair via yanking. Yenno!

I didn’t have a big enough skillet, so I had to resort to browning separately (thanks to resourceful thinking) and using a sheet pan. Let me just say my hopes aren’t what they should be for a new recipe. I know I need a bigger oven skillet and I didn’t think to buy one when I went out. Oh well. I know I like this recipe so if I need to trial and error several times, so be it!

I need a nice big metal skillet!

Today was my first day making garlic paste with salt. T’wasn’t what I imagined. I hope this turns out okay.

Why does everything get complicated when I take over?

Even me being alone with my child at the airport was complicated. I brought way too many carry on items. And I didn’t even have to carry the stroller on!

And it has wheels!

Yesterday was good and bad. Aubrey was very good. I was not managing every situation that well though. My house smells like its burning. Gotta go check it out. Maybe a dinner photo to come.

This girl is a great traveler, for sure!

The awkward moment when you ask the hairdresser to layer your toddler’s hair, and she doesn’t. Fucking twit.


She spells her name

Today is one of those days. The dreaded kind where Aubrey has an insane amount of energy, a hurt knee, and its raining out. Yeah, duh, cus it rains in every now and then.

We had homemade pizza for lunch and some noodles for a snack. I’m officially too full to move.

That doesn’t stop Aubrey from being obnoxious though.

I’m trying to prepare for my plane trip in a few days by packing what we won’t wear and making a list of items to take with us.

This is soo boring.

Necessary Notes

It’s practically time to start packing! Two whole days left. It started torrentially pouring rain this morning at about 4am and it woke me up!

My daughter fell and hit her nose on stairs the other day. It has been changing bruise colors for days. It broke my heart. I am so incredibly sad about it. And you know what I have to listen to? Someone telling people on the phone about it. There isn’t ever cute stories about things she says or does, no cowgirl who lassoes or is incredibly smart. It’s tragedy. And makes me so mad. It’s wrong.


On that note, I cannot wait to go home. I am going to miss my dad very very much. I love being at his house. No decorations can change that this is the house I’ve grown up visiting in over the last two decades. It is seriously silly some of the shenanigans I’ve had to listen to about how some people think once they are here that nobody else ever lived here. Eye roll.

I guess I’m done griping. My dad needs to be the one to take me to the airport. I just bet it won’t happen that way. Heh.

The End of Summer Vacation

Okay. I’m sunburnt. My tummy hurts. And… the list would go on. I’m tired! Going out on the boat takes it *out* of you. Yikes.

Aubrey is watching videos on YouTube. I’m about to get into my book, One More Chance by Abbi Glines. Sooo good. I wish I could save it for my plane ride, but I’m basically going to be entertaining my child for hours, instead.

Let’s see. Today. It is about three days until we are leaving. It is Friday. It’s our last weekend here.

We are going to try to go out on the river in the boat.

About Last Night

Well let’s see. What is new? A lot. I am on my last week in Florida. Who knows how long I will be out of the state this next time. I won’t be coming back alone. I love being here but I do not want to feel the way I did again. Like a child basically. One who needs support.

I did need support. That is true. I still am going to need it. I just want it to be friend support and not financial or emotional.

I am sad to admit that I haven’t been sober lately, also. I’ve been drinking too much and saying stupid things. Last night my dad admitted he doesn’t like looking at my drunken stupor any more than Rob. That I say the dumbest stuff when I start drinking. So for me, I need to be sober. In order to have my filter. I have a mechanism in place when I’m not drinking that allows me to act in accordance with the rules of society. Very important!

I am more interested in setting a prime example for my daughter.

One thing I remember saying last night to Kim is that I think Art controls Joetta and I don’t want to be controlled. But after considering that maybe Joetta has that same need for a filter, maybe she has also said something dumb, that she knows she can’t drink too much. And now I know too!