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Put this up last night, took me an hour and cost me some hair. Thank you Mommy :)

Part of me feels for the cat and the other part wishes he had no claws! This is cute and scary and too much when trying to make dinner…

Princess tiara, check!

Wherein I Make a Pointless Title

Ooooops forgot about tumblr. I keep wanting to create a blogger. I have a lot to write! And little creative space to let it all out! 

Let’s seeee, what’s new. R and I have followed the MH370 flight this whole time, and are awaiting the outcome. It may not come anytime soon, but it does have an effect on us - he works for the airplane’s manufacturer, after all.

I’ve become addicted to Reddit and have to visit several times a day, which is where I first heard about it. I get news way before most, and twitter has become an afterthought x10 for me. I don’t know many people on there, and have frankly cut most people out of my life. I don’t have the time and energy for that and don’t understand how anyone could. Aubrey is my energy sponge, for WIW.

Coconut oil and apple cider vinegar are my go-to items these days, for drinking/energy/health/happy. Highly recommend ‘em.

I’ve a regular Betty crocker, but my fridge has been kinda bare lately. Need to fix that. I do love cooking and making my family happy though. And they love me when I do. Well, they love me anyway, but they get all happy-sappy when their tums are full. Awwe.

I love my Corona still and as usual can’t buy wine without drinking the whole bottle. I bought a bottle the other day and tried to open it sans de-corker ended up with a blast of Moscato all over my face. Word. That was scary and interesting all at the same time.

R is going through his own little up and down moment. He has class and is very dedicated to doing that and work and even overtime. He gives me a run for my money, for sure. Since finding ACV though I’ve been doing my own money-run. We’re doing a lot better.

Simba… is another story. I’ve had to clean the carpet again and again because of him and recently found out there’s a reason he was pissing which irks me to no end but what can I do… bust out the steamvac one more time. Carpet has probably never been cleaner, or more threadbare.

I wanted to decorate Aub’s room but I still need to get Command strips. I fail at worrying about the walls and really don’t care. I have more important things to do. Like keep my dishwasher and washer loaded. Family means that shit is literally a constant.

I’ve applied for jobs, with no response. I figure if they want me, then I’ll get a job, and if they don’t, I won’t. And I ain’t going to sweat it otherwise.

So that’s life this week. We have a date night idea planned and Aubrey to go spend the night at Gram’s. I think I’m gonna make them all dinner soon. Maybe even this weekend. We’ll see. :)

Excited about her new shoes! The sequins reverse; they’re so adorable.

Edamame for a predinner snack and delicious rolls I can’t believe I haven’t made yet, after Kim @kgarrett22 made them for us 6 months ago. Gotta do whatever we can to remember being home.

I love my daughter. I can see us being here for a while, and him moving on when the time comes. It sucks. This sucks. I hate change. I hate being an outcast. I dont want to make anybody do things they dont want to.

My goal: pay my half. Do me. Find happy friends. Healthy people, who know they dont get forever to enjoy their time on earth. And pay him back, somehow. Somehow.

I didnt mean to be this person. I dont want to feel like all I do is take. I give so much, in my head, and heart. Somehow i lost him. I dont know when, or how.

It sucks. Losing someone you love. Its a death. We killed our love. Yet we made Aubrey in the midst of this annihilation. I dont know. I just dont.


That omg moment when you realize he just does not, can not, will not create happy for you anymore.

The love of my life right here #sweetbaby #mamasgirl

The Haps

Yesterday we had exquisite upward of 70 degree weather and we made the best of it by hitting the playground early. It was packed full of chitlins running around, happy little beings. I was nervous but excited, because we need to do this kind of thing a lot more. 

My daughter is very tall and quite smart for her age, so she often gets mistaken for being older. She chased after some boys (sigh) and called a couple little ones that were probably older than her “baby” and had a blast. One little boy told her that she wasn’t allowed to play. I was ready to go over and wack him. I had to hold on to my seat. It was a glimpse into the future of mean kids, and their shitty adult people. I know she didn’t understand what he was really saying, and didn’t let him affect her, she kept on chasing them, laughing. Phew