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Morning, Sunshine

A lot of mornings, Aubrey wakes up before me and comes in to my room. Rob has not been coming home after work anymore (surprise) and sometimes if he does, she will go out to him. This morning she came in, and I said my usual “good morning”, and she climbed up in my arm crook, and I covered her up.

Perfect way to be woken up, and I need to return the favor. Hers would be something like a milk sippy, cuddles, kisses and tickles, and an invitation to go play. Lover of life who can’t be slowed indeed.

I need to get her costume for Halloween. She keeps changing the story on me. I’ll get it straight soon though.

This heartbreaker. She just was telling me about the Halloween rings her dad got her, she says “Daddy has a big smile. He loves to hug me…” and I thought more was coming. Nope.

I’ve kinda gotten into nuts. They are so yummy and an easy to reach for snack. Almonds have been my goto face jam.

My little girl is asleep next to me on the couch here, and we are resting. She is so sick! Her nose is clogged, throat is scratchy, dry, and mucusy, interchangeably. I feel sad she has to go through this. I love her! My baby. I’ve been going through a lot of her baby photos lately. It is amazing how much they change while still looking the same. It’s also how little and innocent they go back to looking once they’re asleep. Hah!

I think our neighbor has issues… she’s always making nooooise. My kid sleeps through a lot, but if I was a new mom with a newborn, I’d probably be going insane. They stomp from one end of their home to the other, everywhere they go, and it sounds like they are wearing combat boots doing it.

I am not going to complain unless I can’t sleep.

Gurgles sounds strange coming from my child :( I need a remedy.

Slap this picture right next to LOVEā™„ in the dictionary!

Korean BBQ ribs - I might have outdone myself. #wfd #delicious

The moment you realize you don’t get “peace” because even the cat will crash that party #family #life #motherhood

Ohmygosh. So frustrated. Whatever I was doing in FL? To make my days fly by easier! So not happening here.

We have had two bad days in a row

With are eating a frozen meal for God’s sake.


Ahh, so frustrated! I took Aubrey shopping {late in the day - 3pm} and she tried to nap in the car. I stopped her. We’ve been doing everything very early lately. So this was a “new thing” and we did not do very well. First was JCP. She did OK most of the store, but then a lady gave me a coupon and I got nervous from the generosity of the public and next thing I know, I’m being asked a million questions I don’t want to answer and there’s a line behind me, Aubrey is throwing things and swinging Lenny and I’m UP TO HERE because I asked her to STOP and she looked at me defiantly. I wanted to grab her little arm right there! It didn’t get any better in the next store… she started crawling around on all fours!!1 OMG PLEASE STOP. I put her in time out in the store checkout line. Embarrassing much? Yep!

This age! She’s super sweet and super duper sassy and you never know which side you’re going to get. All I wanted was a happy little girl to go shopping with me and ooooh did I get a treat. This is entirely for venting purposes.

Right now, our neighbor is blasting music upstairs. Or TV noise, whatever it is, it’s wholely annoying.

It’s time for me to make dinner. Creamy spinach chicken sausage pasta bake. Comin’ right up!

In order to be sure we’re ending this on a good note. I just want to make sure I say… Aubrey was a doll at the library storytime today. We went at 10:30 and it was packed! So we left and came back at the 11:30 one. She got her own bells, eggs, shook and danced, sang ABC’s, pointed out her age and the first letter of her name, and she even tried her best to sit still and listen to the story the person read. (Even I can barely do that, she needs constructive criticism which I will not be giving…) I’m SUPER proud of her. We’ve also gone potty almost allllll day. A very good day indeed.


#autumn #stroll

Currently wondering about laxitives. Tmi. Sorry.

We miss Florida. Grandpa’s griping, Kim’s cooking, my Mom, and feeling care free. Knowing what the day would most likely entail. From start to finish.

Things are different when I’m in charge. Carefree still but unplanned. We make up our decisions as we go.

We brought the cat back over here today. Aubrey wasn’t in his vicinity for ten mins before she got scratched. Neosporin this, neosporin that.

When will it end.

We are currently taking a bath and she’s singing Row Row Row Your Boat.

I have Skyped with my dad once so far. We must do it again soon.