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Today is gorgeous. It isn’t as humid as it has been the last couple weeks. The sky is clear!

My gorgeous little lady and I are about to fill up her pool and get some more sun. Hard to believe it is noon already, but that seems to be par for the course here. The days fly by!

I am admittedly very torn by what I need to do to get things in my life straightened out. I love Robert, but the fact seems to be, we aren’t a good family. We are great friends, just not as great as parents as I want for my daughter. She is a sponge right now, and she has to feel every fight, frustration, let down, etc. He isn’t in a good place right now.

Being here and learning so much, it is easier to see what life could be if things were great. We have schedules, healthy food, plans, and so much opportunity for fun. Soo many activities! Aubrey calls my stepmom, Kim, Grandma. It’s so perfectly adorable. Life really IS good.

Yesterday, we went to the playground and there were kids and a very friendly, young mom with them. I finally really understood the northwest “freeze out” mentality. The south may not have the most, or the best opportunities for careers, or at least here we are somewhat limited in the country, but what life boils down to is friends. And here, you have friends. There, you have competition and assholes. I know because I have copious amounts of experience with and without a child.

I’m happyyyy. Like a room without a roof.

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Trying so hard to laugh at myself. I know if Aubrey were in my shoes, I would have All The Ideas.

I sound Canadian when I drink. Now we live in a hoose.

#Florida #treefrog has decided the #Maclaren canopy is the place to be :)
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Play hard, play hard.

Cindy will look right at the camera, but will Aubrey? Only if I am wearing a duck on my head!

My perfect example of seeing the joy in the small things
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Soaking up the sunshine with this #beauty #iloveher #daughter #love

It’s so hot!


Typical Artie’s parents fucking up our plans…

Then when I tell him how to act, he ignored it.